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With Scholtès,
express yourself.

Mixing, sprinkling, mincing, deglazing, stuffing. Each of these controlled gestures creates a suspended moment unveiling the underlying personality and soul of their author. Cooking with Scholtès is a feast for the senses and does justice to the pleasure of creating and savouring.


The perfect balance


Induction hobs
Enjoy full freedom


Gas hobs
Master the art of cooking


Beyond aspirations


Spick-and-span dishes


Cooling appliances
Cleverness to serve you


Designed to last

Smart & Intuitis

Scholtès is unveiling its collection of connected appliances equipped with the most advanced technologies, allowing cooks to express their creativity to the full.

Scholtès is unveiling its collection of connected appliances.

Unleash your creativity

Flagship of French cuisine, Scholtès offers appliances with well-thought-out ergonomics and design to unleash all cooks’ creativity and free them from any technical constraints.

A timeless design, imbued with modernity

The integrated technology of Scholtès creations, combined with it’s timeless design, offers a wide variety of culinary expressions.

A culinary heritage


Scholtès marks its comeback with « EXPLORER », a new
range of kitchen appliances whose asserted design has
been thought to fit harmoniously into every kitchen.

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