Professional Food Preservation

Freshness is a primary factor affecting food flavour.
The new Scholtès 90cm S3 Magnitude fridge freezer guarantees perfect food
conservation through a sophisticated circulating-air system which distributes
cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator. In this ideal, controlled environment,
a food's storage life is extended and aromas do not mix, guaranteeing the pleasure
of unprecedented freshness at all times.

Professional Wine Storage

Harnessing a stringent system of advanced performances, the Scholtès S3 Magnitude
wine cellar gives the pleasure of wine that is always at the right temperature and
correctly stored. An electronic thermostat maintains constant temperatures while
an anti-condensation system and insulating air gap ensure the correct wine storage
humidity level. The wines are further protected by anti-UV glass and an anti-vibration
function ensures perfect stability. The Scholtès Wine Cellar can reproduce two
temperature zones: the upper zone is suitable for full-bodied red while the lower
zone is ideal for highlighting the best of white and rosé wines.